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Buying a Firearm for First-Time Woman’s Gun Owners

Gun control just makes a peaceful population even more vulnerable, especially if we are talking about a woman that does not have a firearm. The disarmament not only leaves a less free population, but also leaves less safe.

And there is no individual freedom if the individual is forbidden to protect against possible physical attacks. Freedom and self-defense are fully indivisible concepts. Without the second there is the first.

Respect the right of each individual could have firearms is still the best security policy, as the facts listed below show. Already restrict, or even prohibit, the right of an individual to have a firearm leaves him with no effective defense against violent criminals or against a tyrannical government.click this post here!

Harvard University, which is nothing conservative, recently released a study that proves that the more weapons individuals of a nation has, the lower the crime is, especially when we think about women and a firearm. In other words, there is a strong positive correlation between more and less offenses weapons. This is exactly the opposite of what the media would have us believe.

The two sides of the discussion.

But the fact is that this correlation makes sense, and the reason is quite intuitive: no criminal would get shot. If the government of a country approving a disarming status, what he’s really doing is reducing the fear of criminals take a shot of honest citizens and workers, and increasing the confidence of these criminals to know that their potential victims – who obey the law – are unarmed.

Take a look at some interesting facts, worldwide, that prove that more weapons leave a safer population, especially when we talk about women getting their first firearm.

# 1 A study published by Harvard University – Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy – reports that countries that have more guns tend to have less crime.

# 2 Over the last 20 years, arms sales have skyrocketed in the US, but the homicide related to firearms have fallen 39 percent over the same period. Moreover, “other crimes related to firearms” plunged 69%.

# 3 According to the study from Harvard, the nine European countries that have the lowest gun ownership rates have homicide rates that, together, are three times higher than those of the other nine European countries with the highest ownership rate weapons.see http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/11/5/1434788/-Gun-stupid-hits-the-jackpot-The-week-America-accidentally-shot-anything-that-moved-GunFAIL-CLXIV for more details.

# 4 Almost all the massacres committed by misfits individuals in the United States since 1950 occurred in states that have strict gun control laws.

With one exception, all the mass killings in the US since 1950 occurred in places where citizens are prohibited from carrying weapons, especially women. However, Europe, despite its rigid gun control policy, introduced three of the six episodes of the worst massacres in schools.

# 5 The US is the world’s number one country in terms of per capita gun ownership, but are only in 28th position worldwide in terms of homicides committed by firearms per 100,000 people.

# 6 The rate of violent crime in the US was 757.7 per 100,000 people in 1992. In 2011, it dropped to 386.3 per 100,000 people. During this same period, the homicide rate fell from 9.3 per 100,000 to 4.7 per 100,000. During the same period, as stated above, arms sales soared.

# 7 Each year, approximately 200,000 women in the US use firearms to protect themselves from sexual crimes. That is why Women’s Firearm is so important.

# 8 In general, firearms are used at a rate 80 times greater to prevent crimes than to take lives.

# 9 The number of unintended fatalities caused by firearms fell 58% between 1991 and 2011.

Woman's Gun Owners

# 10 Despite the extremely rigid anti firearm law in force in the United Kingdom, its violent crime rate is approximately 4 times the US. In 2009, there were 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 population in the UK. That same year, there were only 466 violent crimes per 100,000 population in the US.

How many of those news you’ve seen in the mainstream media, which gives voice only those who kill instead of the Women’s Firearm buying opportunity to defend themselves?

Stun Guns For Women

Stun Guns For Women

My proposal on these lines is to clarify a few points about the use of self-defense devices whether a firearm or not. As are many stand outs, only the most used and giving rise the highest amount of doubts: pepper spray, stun guns, and knives.
Rumors and guesses layman often come with ready answers that are often misleading.

Herein lies the basis for sure we know what can and what cannot in relation to these products. It is possible to read more in Women’s Firearm Blog all over the web.

Women’s Firearm Blog does offer more options than a proper firearm.check this site!

Let’s start with pepper spray. Pepper spray is provided in this list, or a product is controlled by the army and only accessible to the police and the military.

Question: If I buy a pepper spray and am caught by the police, can I go to jail? The answer is no. There is no criminal offense predicting crime for possession, purchase or sale of pepper spray. The procedure is that the product be seized, and alone.

What if…

And the use of pepper sprays on someone else? (in the case of illegally buy the spray and so far he has not been apprehended.) Well, the use of pepper spray on a human being can be considered crime danger to life or health of others. However, it is always good to remember that if self-defense – That is, in disgust to a current or imminent unjust aggression using moderate and proportionate means of defense – then there is no crime, none. It is nice to know that Women’s Firearm Blog clarifies that for women.

The stun gun.

On the stun gun, in addition to controlled goods we must stick to the laws which defines what are lethal and non-lethal weapons. Here the discussion picture changes. We left the figure of controlled items and we talk about gun (the purchase, use, transport, possession, etc. not only entails the seizure of the product as compared to controlled goods, but sized crime / criminal possession of a weapon).

The point is that it is defined as a weapon only the taser, that is, the stun gun that fires the electrodes distance. But those contact stun guns – manual stun guns that he who uses it has to put the gun against whom it is intended that use it – these are not covered by the ordinance, therefore also its size, ownership, etc. is free, regardless of voltage or amperage.continue reading this article:http://www.pekintimes.com/article/20151113/NEWS/151119699

This is because the ordinance bears no prediction about this type of stun gun, so only those, as mentioned above, shooting darts remotely connected to wires which flows the electric current. Many women discuss these facts on Women’s Firearm Blog for protection.

The bottom line.

Stun Guns For Women

Remembering that here it is the same reasoning about the use of someone else who was employed in relation to pepper spray on the crimes of bodily injury, exposure to danger, etc., which are equally spaced by evidence of self-defense.

Finally, there is also the question about the possibility of carrying a knife or pocket knife as a defensive weapon. Weapons are not just a firearm, but many other items that need to be specified and regulated.


3 Ways For Women At Night To Protect Themselves

Anyone who has had his car taken at home gate know the panic that gives, especially if the person attacked was a woman – in some cases thieves have a firearm and are ready to shoot. Auto insurance can cover property losses (check the coverage of your insurance), but the fear and trauma are long in the memory.

Although it is impossible to download to zero the risk of being robbed when leaving or coming home, following a few tips you can lessen the danger enough, especially if you are a woman. Many of these statements we already know, but in the daily rush just forgetting and making room for an inconvenience.

Firearm and thieves – unstoppable force

1 – Pay attention before arriving at the house gate. By doubling up your street, make sure that there are people of dubious behavior, like a stranger standing alone near a tree, for example. If you notice or feel that something is wrong, do not stop. You can take a walk around the block and go again to see if the person is still there.read review here!

It is also good to be aware of very close vehicles traveling behind or even in front, just when you’re coming home. If it accompanies their rate of acceleration or braking, take extra caution. It is worth changing path if you note some very suspicious behavior.

2 – Have insurance and don’t fight back. The automobile insurance is an essential item for your safety so if anyone wants your car, whether during the day or the night, simply gives it to the thief. In addition to keeping you updated, always try to be careful when entering and leaving home, never leaving open the vehicle door to open or close the gate. Doing so gives the perfect opportunity for the assailant come and takes your car with or without a firearm in hands. Whenever you leave your vehicle, turn it off, remove the ignition key, close and latch the doors and windows, even if you go back in a few seconds.

Do not get in the car dating, chatting, or waiting for someone, especially at night, even if it is in front of your house and you well know the neighborhood. The quiet streets are the perfect car burglar’s target, because of little movement.

3 – Think first – predict and pay attention. Some people also like to park in reverse, to facilitate escape in case of an emergency. If you suspect you are being followed to your house, do not stop. Direct them to a safe place, such as police station or police station. If you need to get help.use this link http://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/Firearm-discharged-incident-outside-pub-police/story-28169669-detail/story.html for more information.


Make sure you have your documents and cellphone in a hidden place, inside your pants for example. Avoid using purses that call too much attention or that might end up getting robbed. The more caution you take, the better, especially at night and when alone on your own. You do not need a firearm to protect yourself, just follow tips and pay attention, always!